Play New York Jets Blackjack at BetMGM

by Evolution

Touchdown at the Tables: New York Jets Blackjack – Where Green and Black Cards Bring Winning Plays

  • 95.90RTP

Play New York Jets Blackjack at BetMGM – Casino Game Overview

Jets Blackjack enables players to place bets across up to five seats, incorporating two well-liked side bets: 21+3 and Any Pair. The game is equipped with a ‘go live’ button, seamlessly transitioning players from their virtual suite onto the gaming field, immersing them directly into a live dealer version of the ongoing game.

How To Play New York Jets Blackjack at BetMGM

  • Objective: Beat virtual dealer’s card count without exceeding 21; optimal hand is a sum of 21.
  • Card values: 2 to 10 face value, face cards (J, Q, K) worth 10, Aces are 1 or 11.
  • Place bets on one or multiple hands.
  • Click/tap DEAL NOW to start.
  • The dealing sequence involves:
    • One card being dealt face-up to each hand and the virtual dealer.
    • Subsequently, the second card is dealt face-up to each hand.
    • Finally, the last card is dealt face-down to the virtual dealer.
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