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Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em at BetMGM

Dive into the thrilling, fast-paced action of Ultimate Texas Hold'em with strategic betting options and exciting side bets.

  • 99.27RTP

Ultimate Texas Hold’em – Casino Game Overview

Ultimate Texas Hold’em offers a solo, head-to-head poker experience against the house, perfect for players seeking a quick game with all the strategic depth of traditional Texas hold’em. With a variety of betting options and a high RTP ranging from 96.5% to 99.27%, players can enjoy a fast-paced game while maximizing their chances of winning. The addition of a captivating Trips side bet adds an extra layer of excitement, making each hand more exhilarating.

How To Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em

  • Place Initial Bets: Begin by placing Ante and Blind bets of equal value, and optionally, a Trips side bet.
  • Deal Initial Cards: Click the Deal button to lock in your bets and receive your two-card starting hand.
  • Make Betting Decisions: Depending on the round, choose to place a Play bet (starting at 3x or 4x the Blind) or check to receive community cards.
  • Community Cards and Final Bets: After the initial round, decide to place additional bets or check as community cards are revealed.
  • Assess Hands: Once all community cards are dealt, the player’s and dealer’s hands are compared. Payouts are made based on Ante, Blind, Play, and any winning side bets.
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