Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Casino Game Review

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The title screen for Jumanji The Bonus Level Live, the online slot game by Playtech.
BetMGM Mar 22, 2024, 7:22 AM
  • Based on the 1995 movie “Jumanji” and its two sequels.
  • Combination of live dealer casino games, online slots, and video games.
  • This Playtech online casino game is played on two spinning wheels with a commentator alongside them.
  • Six different bonus games as well as a special, extra bonus round involving the Jewel of Jumanji.

There are a number of famous franchises that have become online slot themes, the “Jumanji” movie franchise being just one. Jumanji the Bonus Level Live is the latest edition in a collection of slot games based on the hit movie. This Playtech casino game offers a unique online slot experience where you can interact with a dealer and other players in real time. 

In addition to the game’s visually exciting elements, it features a presenter who changes sporadically and talks you through the entire experience, giving the game the sense of a live dealer casino game. The game emulates the feeling of an immersive movie experience as well as a slot. Read this online casino game review to find out more.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Casino Game Bonus

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Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Slot Game Highlights

The game has a unique format and is definitely more of a video game or casino variety game than an online slot, which means it can never really fall into the loose or tight slots category. It is all about betting on slot bonus games, of which there are seven in total, each completely different in style and action. Jumanji the Bonus Level Live has a return to player (RTP) of 96.33% and low volatility, meaning small but frequent payouts. The game combines live dealer and random number generated (RNG) elements. 

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Quick Facts and Features

Software Provider Playtech
RTP 97.63%
Volatility Low
Jackpot Type Various bonus rounds
Paylines N/A
Reels 2 spinning wheels
Max Wager 100
Max Win 5,000x

Does Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Pay Real Money

If you would like to try out Jumanji the Bonus Level Live, you can play this exciting casino game online for real money at this casino online. However, you must be physically playing from New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Michigan, which are states where BetMGM Casino is legally active.

How To Play Jumanji the Bonus Level Live

The game screen features two giant wheels, each with unique features. The first wheel includes segments for bonuses and numbers, while the second wheel includes segments for each of the game’s characters. 

The first wheel appears to the left of the screen and displays the numbers 1 and 2, along with a variety of bonus game symbols and a panther’s head, each appearing with different frequencies.

On the right side of the screen, the second wheel features each of the game’s characters: Ruby Roundhouse (Ruby), Professor Sheldon Oberon (Shelly), Franklin Finbar (Mouse), and Dr. Xander Bravestone (Smoulder). The characters are accompanied by a respins symbol, two- and four-character groupings, and a panther’s head — the only symbol the two wheels have in common.

To start the game, you will need to choose which of the four characters you would like to play as. The character you choose has the ability to win extra payouts or be selected during a Saving Jumanji round. Once you have chosen a character, you place your bets on any of the first wheel symbols and earn multipliers determined by your chosen character if the wheel stops where you’ve placed your bet.

The first wheel consists of 43 sectors. So, betting options include: 

  • The number 1, which is on 17 wheel sections
  • The number 2, which is on 11 wheel sections
  • Path of Jumanji bonus round, which is on one section
  • Rhino Run Cash Collect, which occupies one section
  • Snake Bite bonus, which occupies two sections
  • Monkey Valley bonus, which appears on three sections of the wheel
  • Jungle Royale bonus, which has three sections on the wheel
  • The wild spin bonus, which occupies two sections
  • The jaguar’s head, which appears on three sections 

The game also features an autoplay option if you’re happy to repeat the same bet for 10–99 rounds. 

The second wheel is there to multiply your potential winnings from the first wheel. So, if it stops on your character, you will receive double the payout. The only exception to this rule is if the wheels land on a jaguar segment.

The 43 sectors on the second wheel consist of: 

  • Nine sections for Dr. Xander Bravestone
  • Nine sections for Ruby Roundhouse
  • Nine sections for Franklin Finbar
  • Nine sections for Professor Sheldon Oberon
  • One sector that includes both Dr. Xander Bravestone and Franklin Finbar
  • One section with all four characters (this represents the character team multiplier)
  • One sector with a respin 2x label
  • Three sectors for the jaguar’s head

The presenter talks you through each spin and takes you with them into the bonus rounds, supervising the play. You can also choose to change your characters at the start of each betting round or continue playing with the same character. It is worth noting that all characters have an equal chance of landing. 

Apart from the chance to play any of the seven bonus rounds, you win half your stake back if either wheel hits the panther’s head. If it features on both wheels, you get to enter the Saving Jumanji round, where one lucky character will win 11x and the others 5x the stake.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Game Features

This game has so many unique features — from the live dealer to the seven different bonus games and wheel spins (which will be explained below) — that it’s hard to know where to start. The live dealer simplifies things by explaining the complexities and choices along the way. The various features make the game feel like a casino table game combined with an online slot machine.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Bonuses and Jackpots

There’s virtually no base game in Jumanji the Bonus Level Live, as bets on the left wheel, combined with the multipliers on the right, almost inevitably take you into one or any of the other bonus rounds. Each bonus game is unique, with a new screen, new visuals, and new rules of engagement for you. Although this game doesn’t feature a slot jackpot, with all the excitement of the bonus games, you won’t miss it.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Rhino Run: Cash Collect

In this bonus round, which is the most volatile of the bonuses offered, you must choose one of three chests that will reveal Cash Collect coins in one of three different colors. Each chest marks the start of a different path, so the chest you choose will mark your line for the duration of the game. 

Each path features six positions, and you play seven rounds (known as drops) during which multipliers, green jewels, or Cash Collect coins fall from the sky and onto the paths. These treasures will accumulate with every round, paying out the ones that landed on your line once the seventh drop has finished. 

Multipliers range from 1–10x your bet, collecting three jewels will activate the Saving Jumanji feature, and the Cash Collect coins enable you to collect the multipliers and jewels that land on your line (you will only be able to collect your multipliers and jewels if the cash coins are active on the path when they drop). If there are two or more cash coins on a line, the multiplier and jewel values are multiplied. 

Rhinos will occasionally stampede along your selected route, destroying the chests and revealing their contents, which could be either a multiplier, jewel, or cash coin. 

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Wild Spin

The wild spin is a smaller wheel that features 54 sections. These sections are filled with symbols of the Jumanji creatures, character motifs, and respin sections. The 54 sections are made up of: 

  • Twenty-nine butterfly segments, which pay out 10x
  • Nine ostrich symbols, which pay out 15x
  • Six leopard sections, which pay out 20x
  • Three rhino symbols, each of which pays 40x
  • Three respin symbols
  • One segment for each of the four characters

The presenter will spin the wheel in this round, and you will be awarded the animal prize the wheel lands on. The wheel will be respun until an animal symbol lands. If it lands on a respin, all of the animals will receive a 5x increase, and the presenter will spin the wheel again. If the wheel stops on a character symbol, the wheel will also be spun again, and the animal symbol payouts will be doubled. You don’t have to make any choices in this bonus game because it is entirely RNG-dependent.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Snake Bite

In the Snake Bite bonus game, the presenter becomes a live dealer in a casino online-betting-style five-card game of chance. The dealer will shuffle the deck of 52 cards before placing five of them face down on the table. 

You choose any three of the five face-down cards, and as the dealer turns each one over, you win (or lose) depending on the symbol that is revealed. The cards feature face values of baskets, antidotes, and snakes. Turning baskets and antidotes will win different amounts, but the snake card will win nothing. 

  • One basket card = 5x
  • Two basket cards = 10x
  • Three basket cards =30x 
  • One antidote card = 10x
  • Two antidote cards = 20x
  • Three antidote cards = 40x
  • One or two snake cards will pay 0 (so you will only get the multipliers attached to the other cards)
  • Three snake cards will pay out 5x your bet 

The minimum payout for this round is 4x your bet, and the maximum payout is 40x, not including any additional bonuses. 

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Jungle Royale

This bonus round sees you and another player team up to defeat the villain, Van Pelt. You can choose to be either Player 1 or Player 2 or let the game assign you a position. 

Each position will have three turns to throw missiles at Van Pelt to try to deplete his health points. Plus, each missile reveals a symbol that carries a multiplier, which will be added to your total payout. However, the symbol attached to each missile is completely random and will only be revealed after you have chosen a playing position. 

The following random multipliers are attached to missiles that are thrown at Van Pelt:

  • Stone: 2x multiplier
  • Boomerang: 6x multiplier
  • Banana: 6x multiplier
  • If your missile misses: 0x multiplier

Throws will alternate between you and the other playing position until all of the missiles have been thrown. If both playing positions manage to deplete Van Pelt’s health, an extra 10x multiplier will be added to the total. 

Even without the additional bonus multipliers, this round still returns a minimum reward of 4x your bet and a maximum payout of 27x your bet. 

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Monkey Valley

There are three bridges under attack by monkeys, and you must choose a bridge of low, medium, or high risk to save them. The higher the risk, the higher the multiplier, but the more likely your chosen bridge is to break.

  • The low-risk bridge has multipliers of 10–14x, with a 20% chance of being broken.
  • The medium-risk bridge has a 40% chance of breaking, but the multipliers range from 15–20x your bet.
  • If you’re willing to face an 80% chance that the bridge will be destroyed, the multipliers for the high-risk bridge are 25–32x your bet. 

After you’ve chosen a bridge, a hoard of monkeys will run across it, damaging it as they move. You win (and receive the multiplier that’s left on your bridge) if your bridge is still intact after all of the monkeys have crossed. If your bridge breaks, you still receive a 5x multiplier.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Path of Jumanji

In this board game, you must choose one of four characters, each a different color with its corresponding dice. These characters are a blue monkey, a purple crocodile, a red elephant, and a green rhino. Once you have chosen your character, it’s a race for you to beat the other three animals across a 15-step path, collecting multipliers along the way. 

The goal is to beat the other players to the center of the board, so the first animal to reach the end of their path ends the bonus round. Landing on one of the green domes (located at steps three and eight) could trigger additional bonuses: 

  • Double your total payout
  • Move three steps forward
  • Get a multiplier of 5x added to your total payout
  • Have a 10x multiplier added to your total payout
  • Trigger the Saving Jumanji bonus round

The maximum payout for this round is 30x your bet.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Saving Jumanji

You can trigger the Saving Jumanji bonuses in two ways: either by landing a jaguar head on both of the wheels in the base game or by winning access to this round in either the Path of Jumanji or Rhino Run: Cash Collect bonus rounds. The bonus round will work slightly differently depending on how it is triggered. 

There are two tiers: the Saving Jumanji bonus and the Saving Jumanji the Next Level bonus. You trigger the Saving Jumanji bonus round by landing two jaguar heads in the base game (one on each wheel). When the bonus is triggered in this way, one character will be randomly chosen to save Jumanji. If this is the character you selected, you will receive a prize of 11x your bet. If you select one of the other three characters, a 5x multiplier will be added to your total bet for that round. 

When a Saving Jumanji bonus is triggered as a prize in a bonus game, it starts the Saving Jumanji: The Next Level bonus. Triggering this bonus this way will pay out a random multiplier of between 100x and 5,000x your bet. The presenter places a precious stone in the center of the jaguar’s head, shouting “Jumanji, Jumanji” to trigger the bonus round. When this happens, the jaguar’s head lights up, awarding its RNG payout. 

How To Win Jumanji the Bonus Level Live

To win in Jumanji the Bonus Level Live, first understand the game mechanics. Choose your character wisely, as each offers unique advantages. Place strategic bets and utilize character multipliers to boost your winnings. Stay engaged during bonus rounds, assessing risk versus reward carefully. Stay alert during spins and explore the opportunities presented by Saving Jumanji bonuses. Above all, practice responsible gaming for an enjoyable experience.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Graphics and Design

The graphics in this game are outstanding, from the two wheels right through to the separate screen for each bonus game. The khaki-clad presenter supervises monkeys, rhinos, a board game, and a card-turning game, each beautifully rendered. So much detail has gone into Jumanji the Bonus Level Live, and slot machines are complex to make — no wonder this one was three years in production. The combination of the live dealer element and RNG of the wheel spin make this a unique experience as far as graphics go.

Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Symbols

In Jumanji the Bonus Level Live, you will encounter various symbols that contribute to the excitement and gameplay experience:

  • Number symbols: Represented by the numbers 1 and 2, these symbols appear on the first wheel alongside other bonus symbols.
  • Bonus game symbols: These symbols are banners that signify different bonus games you can trigger, such as the Path of Jumanji bonus round, Rhino Run: Cash Collect, Snake Bite bonus, Monkey Valley bonus, Jungle Royale bonus, wild spin bonus, and the jaguar’s head.
  • Character symbols: The second wheel depicts each of the four characters — Ruby Roundhouse, Professor Sheldon Oberon, Franklin Finbar, and Dr. Xander Bravestone. 
  • Respin symbols: These trigger a respin feature in the base game. 
  • Panther’s head: The panther’s head is a symbol found on both wheels in the base game. When it appears on both wheels simultaneously, it triggers special features or bonus rounds.
  • Thematic symbols: Throughout the game, you encounter thematic symbols and graphics inspired by the Jumanji universe, including jungle elements, tribal artifacts, adventure equipment, and various wildlife encounters. 

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Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Experience

The complexity of Jumanji the Bonus Level Live makes it a winner for anyone who loves to immerse themselves in reels and board games. It combines everything fun about live dealer games, other online casino games, and the best in slots. Plus, it is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, so you can play it whichever way is more convenient for you without worrying about changes in layout or quality. 
BetMGM offers a wide variety of slot games based around famous franchises, from Monopoly Money Grab to the different Jumanji slots. To play Jumanji the Bonus Level Live or a wide variety of other online casino games, simply register with BetMGM and start your journey.

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