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If online slots are your favorite online casino games or if you’re a dedicated bingo player, you might want to look into giving online Slingo games a try because this hybrid game genre is a mixture of jackpot slots and bingo. There are hundreds of these exciting games available to play online, so take your pick and enjoy!

But first, here’s everything you need to know about what Slingo is, how it works, what variations are available out there and which games to try out first.

What Is Slingo and Why Is It Worth a Go?

Slingo, invented in 1994, is an enthralling mash-up of 75-ball bingo and traditional online slot games. The gameplay is extremely straightforward, making it a fantastic choice for both beginners and for those who prefer relaxed games over the more adrenaline-inducing, strategy-focused table games such as poker and blackjack.

So, how do you play Slingo online? When you first log in, you’ll notice that most games’ layouts look similar to a classic bingo card in the form of a 5×5 grid and feature reels similar to the ones you’d see on a traditional slot machine. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice that one space on each reel is visible. 

Start the game by spinning the reels; when they stop, refer back to your “bingo card” to see whether any of your numbers have appeared on the reels. You’ll notice that the reels might display a variety of other symbols in addition to numbers, like gold coins or jokers. These symbols are often a great sign that you’ve just won an instant prize or an in-game bonus, such as a free spin or the chance to mark off a number of your choice from your card – usually any number above the column in which the symbol is displayed.

As you play, you’ll continue to rack up points, all of which will vary with each spin that you make. For example, you’ll be awarded game points when you clear a line of numbers (known as “landing a Slingo”) or when the numbers marked off your card create a shape or pattern unique to that Slingo game title or if you manage to clear all the numbers on the card (a “full house,” like in bingo) before you hit the maximum number of spins and the game ends. The more points (or Slingos) you accumulate, the bigger your win will be – and the higher you’ll move up the “prize ladder” that illustrates your Slingo tally and what you stand to win on each rung.

If you’d like a more in-depth look at Slingo, then check out the Complete Slingo Guide.

Why Slingo Is for Everyone

If you’re wondering why Slingo is such a popular online game, here are just some of the reasons.

Slingo Combines Two of the Best Online Games

As mentioned, Slingo is a hybrid of slots and bingo. This appeals to players who love either of these games, both of these games or are simply looking for something new to try.

Slingo Games Are Social Casino Games

Many players love bingo because of the social element. Luckily, Slingo has followed in its footsteps. Even when you play online, casino chat rooms allow you to chat with other players and connect with people who have similar interests. 

Slingo Is Easy

Slingo is one of the easiest online casino games to learn and play. There are few rules and almost no strategy needed.

Slingo Is Fun

Most importantly, Slingo is a great form of entertainment. Most people simply love this game because it is fun.

The Different Versions To Explore

Classic Slingo games are played in the way outlined above, but there are plenty of other versions available for advanced players who are scoping out fresh and exciting types of casino games to play. For example, Duel Slingo adds a competitive element to the game, whereby the player competes against the computer. Some online casinos offer live-play Duel Slingo, where it’s possible to compete against another person in real time.

Giant Slingo is another popular alternative. It’s similar to the classic version of the game, but with the inclusion of the “Giant,” who is there to boost a player’s chances of clearing their card. A “giant” can be earned during a spin, following which the player will choose the numbers that they wish to mark off before spinning the reels again – except for the reel in which the “giant” appeared – for a total of four new numbers without losing out on an extra spin.

These are the most sought-after Slingo game variations, but there are lots more to explore, including Super Squares Slingo and Mixed Matrix Slingo. There are also many games out there that boast themes such as Luck o’ the Irish and Ancient Greece or Rome, adding an extra element of excitement, fun and visual stimulation to the game.

Top Slingo Games Available To Play at BetMGM

Here are some of the top Slingo games that you should try your hand at. 

Slingo Classic

It doesn’t get more classic than this! Slingo Classic is ideal if you’re looking to enjoy a game with a retro aesthetic, old-school sound effects, traditional symbols and bucketloads of nostalgia. It’s not ideal for gamers after mind-blowing graphics, as this one is deliberately designed to be as basic and minimalistic as possible to achieve that 1980s/1990s vibe.

Unsurprisingly, the gameplay follows the classic rules, as highlighted above. However, there are a few extras to look forward to, too. For instance, if you’re lucky enough to land a golden Slingo token during a spin, you’ll benefit from a small, instant win. You’ll also have the opportunity to snag a win of 500x your stake if you manage to complete a full house.

Slingo Cascade

Take gameplay up a notch with Slingo Cascade and its quirky pirate theme, courtesy of the developers at Gaming Realms. Like classic games, the main goal is to create a line of five marked-off numbers – vertical, horizontal or diagonal. This title stands out due to its cascading feature, which is similar to the cascading reels feature in online slots. If you mark off a number on your “bingo card,” the reels will automatically spin again, providing extra chances to win and making it easier and faster to form more Slingos.

Slingo Reveal

Slingo Reveal from Slingo Originals brings with it a brand-new approach to traditional gameplay. It features the same 5×5 number grid, or ”bingo card,” but with an additional table of icons included on the right. The icons comprise diamonds, lucky 7s and different types of fruit, each representing specific prizes.

Throughout each game, an icon appears whenever you mark off a five-number line corresponding with one of the icons on the table. If you manage to get “three-of-a-kind,” you’ll automatically win the prize indicated. And if you’re extremely lucky and get to tick off three diamonds, you’ll walk away with the game’s maximum prize – 10,000x your stake!

Slingo Showdown

Slingo Showdown is extra special as it’s a creative combination not only of bingo and online slots, but also of poker, with classic Wild Wild West styling. In this fun Slingo game, you’ll be provided with a “bingo card” on a 5×5 grid that features playing cards instead of numbers. On the right, there are cash prizes represented by classic poker terms, such as “three-of-a-kind” and “full house,” and on the left, there’s a ladder of rewards, which you can climb rung by rung as you start creating Slingos.

As usual, the aim is to get a line of marked-off playing cards (as opposed to the usual marked-off numbers.) The more lines you get, the bigger the prize is likely to be. Five cards are dealt per spin and any corresponding cards on your grid are marked off. There’s also the potential to be dealt super wilds, which allow you to mark off a card of your choice.

Play Slingo and Other Casino Games at BetMGM

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.