Adding Social Elements to Online Casinos

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When online casino games were first introduced, casino game developers were focused on simply recreating the games themselves in an online gaming format. However, as time has passed and technology has matured, casino game developers have been working hard on making online casinos more social platforms in various ways. 

In this blog, learn more about how online casinos are evolving into more social experiences.

Why Are Virtual Casinos and Casino Games Becoming More Social?

As computing power, game graphics, and internet speeds have continued to increase, so have the benefits associated with these technologies. Today, even when playing on average computers or mobile devices with basic internet access, most players can enjoy an experience that’s appealing to the eyes and ears, as well as fast and responsive. 

This is why casino game developers have started to shift their focus to other areas of casino gaming. One key aspect that has received a lot of attention in recent years is the social element of online gaming communities

As popular as online casino games are because of their convenience, there’s no doubt that many players miss the experience of interacting with other gamblers and staff at a casino. This isn’t surprising when you consider the many social benefits this offers, including:

  • Reducing loneliness by providing the opportunity to connect with other like-minded players.
  • Further developing these connections into relationships outside of the gaming environment.
  • Being able to improve the gaming experience since you can enjoy it with other players.

Considering the benefits this could offer to online gamblers, online casino platforms are looking for ways to make their games more social. But what features are they adding to their games to achieve this?

Social Features of Online Casino Games and Virtual Casinos

Online casinos have introduced many different features to increase the sociability of their platforms. Here are some of the key ways they are building online casino communities.

Multiplayer Games

Games that involve other players are generally a good place to start since they already have multiple real players. Online poker is an excellent example of a gambling game that typically involves a group of people. For years, it was as much about interaction and understanding other people as it was about understanding the game’s systems and mechanics. 

Online Chat Rooms

Just because you’re spinning the reels on your favorite slot doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a good time chatting to other slots players and even making online friends while you do. Many online casinos have chat rooms for many of their most popular titles or genres of games so that you can share your anticipation, near misses, and glorious wins with other players while trying your luck at your favorite gambling game.


Leaderboards are another way to remind players that they aren’t alone, but that other gamblers are also trying their best to win when playing their favorite game. Leaderboards can focus on real money winnings or be simply about the highest scores a player achieved in a particular game. 

For example, a poker player who dominated in a tournament could have their name appear on the list of top players and their winnings from that particular poker event, or players who had the most successful roles in craps could have their names on a leaderboard for each week. There are many opportunities to help create friendly rivalries depending on the gambling game.

Virtual Gifts

Another way to foster connections in a community is by allowing players to share virtual gifts. These can be anything from items for players’ virtual avatars to a virtual chocolate bar or a few spins of a friend’s favorite virtual slot. Online casinos can get truly creative when it comes to bonuses that friends can share with each other online.

Live Dealer Games

One of the clearest examples of how all these different advancements in technologies and social features have come together is the live dealer experience. Live dealer games aim to bridge the gap between offline and online casino gaming using real dealers hosting some of your favorite casino games in person. You not only get to see an actual person running the game but also interact with them and other players via live chat, further enhancing the social element of these games. 

When it comes to being a social experience, live dealer games are currently one of the best ways to enjoy gambling with other people. 

Social Media

Even if you aren’t logged onto a virtual casino, there are still ways to engage with the casino, the people who play there, and other gambling fans. This is possible thanks to casino social media channels, which are available on many of the most popular social media sites like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

Casinos use these social media sites for various reasons, like for offering players promotions, keeping them up to date on the latest announcements, and allowing them to share feedback about a particular service. Social media channels also encourage players to engage with each other, as gamblers will have a place to join in existing discussions on a social media platform.

For example, if you want to learn more about a particular live mobile casino and its service, you could join their Facebook community to ask their customers what they think of the service. Or, if you’re trying to get better at a particular game, you can ask players on Reddit for advice on how to improve.

In this way, social media platforms offer an additional avenue for casinos to introduce a social element, even if players aren’t actively playing on their virtual casinos.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.