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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to head off to a resort casino and not have to pay for your accommodation or meals? If you’re prepared to spend a few hours a day playing variety games and other casino games, you may qualify for a casino junket. 

Casinos employ staff, like a slot host and a concierge, to entice people to take a chance on lady luck. Large resort casinos also use the services of third-party operators to get gamblers through their doors. Known as casino junket operators, these third parties are responsible for a fair chunk of casino revenue as they lure high rollers to casinos with promises of free accommodation, travel and the like. And they usually only request an upfront deposit rather than a full payment.

What is a Casino Junket?

A junket is a leisurely trip for travelers which they do not have to pay for. In the casino and hospitality industry, this term refers to times when high rollers and VIP patrons are enticed to specific gambling establishments with promises of free or heavily discounted travel costs, accommodation and food and drinks. 

This aspect of the casino business has since become an industry of its own, leading to the firm establishment of casino junket operators. They are a mix of a travel agency, semi-banking firms and VIP hospitality services. Junket operators have special relationships with casinos, requiring them to recruit and send VIP gamblers to the establishment. They are present in major gambling cities like Macau, Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Macau boasts the biggest junket industry as it’s the most popular way to entice wealthy gamblers from China’s mainland to the region. Although China prohibits gambling advertisements to mainlanders, casino junkets can have offices on the mainland where they interact with residents and deal with players. 

What Are the Requirements?

Casino junkets don’t offer fully-planned-and-paid trips without expecting something in return. Gamblers are usually required to meet specific requirements when using junkets. 

Place a Deposit

To qualify for a casino junket trip, you need to first make a deposit. The deposit size is usually based on your expectation of the trip; top service with expensive liquor and limousine transportation requires deposits of up to $10,000 or more. For a regular gambling experience, you can deposit around $3,000 and still have a fun-packed trip. 

Designated Minimum Bets

Casino junkets operators usually have designated minimum bids for gamblers. This means you must place bets worth a certain amount when playing card games, jackpot slots and other casino games. Without this requirement, operators and casinos will lose money, which is no way to stay in business. 

Operators usually send out reminders when you’re not betting at the agreed level. If these reminders are ignored, you may forfeit some or all of your entire deposit. 

Gamble for Specific Periods

Casino junkets require you to gamble a specific number of hours daily as a form of payment for your trip — usually four or more hours. Once you’ve fulfilled this obligation, you can explore other attractions. 

Playing for the designated hours usually benefits the junkets and the casino. You also stand a chance to win more money or at least recover your losses. 

What Happens When You Lose Your Deposits

Junkets aren’t trying to give you free trips at their expense, so it’s no surprise that they hope you spend your deposits through gambling. In this way, they can make up for the money they spent on the trip and make a profit.

If you lose your deposit, you can continue your trip but you’re no longer obligated to play any of the different casino games previously required. If you choose to continue gambling, your wagering money will be separate from the initial deposit. The gambling restrictions will be dissolved and you can play whatever games at your desired stake. 

Benefits of a Casino Junket

While most people love going on trips, the prospect of planning all the elements, including accommodation, dining and entertainment, can put some off the whole idea. Casino junkets make the entire process much smoother by organizing the trip for you. They also use their own money to pay for the vacation; however, you must make an initial deposit. Here are some advantages of casino junkets: 

  • You can go on a wonderful trip without effort. 
  • You can go on trips at little to no cost. 
  • You save time. 

Drawbacks of Casino Junkets

If your deal with a casino junket seems too good to be true, then it probably is. In return for planning and paying for your entire trip, junkets designate the perimeters for your bets during the period. This means that if you are told to wager $50 for every blackjack hand you play, regardless of what your normal bets might be, you’re expected to comply with the junket. 

Junkets generally don’t afford gamblers much freedom and you’re expected to play for long hours every day and wager on or above the designated minimum bet. This remains the same even if you lose massive amounts and applies to casino table games, jackpot slots and others.

Make the Right Call

If you want to enjoy gambling away from home, such trips may be the right call. In addition to planning your entire trip, you’re only required to place a deposit instead of full payment immediately. You could also overcome the odds and win enough at the casino to cover excluded expenses.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.