The title screen for Four Card Poker.

Play Four Card Poker at BetMGM

by Nyx

In Four Card Poker online every hand is a chance to create winning combinations and outplay the dealer. With four cards in your favor, strategic decisions lead to thrilling victories.

  • 97.96RTP

Play Four Card Poker at BetMGM – Casino Game Overview

Step into the realm of strategic play with Four Card Poker, a captivating casino game that challenges your poker skills. In this engaging variant, players aim to create the best four-card hand to beat the dealer, offering a fast-paced and exciting twist on traditional poker. With the thrill of strategic decision-making and the potential for big wins, Four Card Poker provides a dynamic and entertaining experience for all levels of players.

How To Play Play Four Card Poker at BetMGM

  • Select your betting denomination from the options at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “ante bet” to confirm your total wager, which applies to both the ante and play bets.
  • Optionally, place a side bet on “Aces Up” by repeating the process for the side bet.
  • Click “Deal” to receive your cards and start the round.
  • Choose to bet 1x or 3x your ante wager, or fold your hand.
  • After your decision, the dealer’s remaining cards are revealed.
  • Compare hands based on standard poker rankings to determine the winner.
  • Decide whether to place a new bet or repeat the previous bet for the next round by selecting “New Bet” or “Rebet & Deal.”
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