Screenshot of Triple Play Draw Poker online casino game, showing loading screen.

Triple Play Draw Poker

by IGT

Experience the thrill of nine poker variations in one sleek package with Triple Play Draw Poker.

  • 99.16RTP
  • 5Volatility

Triple Play Draw Poker – Casino Game Overview

Triple Play Draw Poker offers an exciting blend of nine popular poker variations, allowing players to enjoy a diverse and strategic gaming experience. With the ability to play three hands simultaneously, the game maximizes win potential and keeps the action fast-paced and engaging. Featuring a wide betting range and an intuitive user interface, it caters to players of all skill levels, providing a modern and immersive twist on classic table poker. Additionally, the game’s retro-inspired graphics evoke nostalgia while delivering flawless performance for endless hours of entertainment.

How To Play Triple Play Draw Poker

  • Choose Your Variation: Select from nine different poker variations by clicking the corresponding button on the game screen.
  • Set Your Bet: Open the paytable to review payout values and multipliers, then choose your wager amount, keeping in mind that the total bet is multiplied by three for the three hands.
  • Deal and Select Cards: Click the deal button to receive five cards per hand. Decide which cards to keep and discard by clicking on them or using the numbers 1–5 on your keyboard.
  • Draw and Complete Hands: Once you’ve made your selections, press the draw button to finalize your hands and determine your winnings.
  • Switch Variations: To try a different poker game, return to the variation selection screen and repeat the process.
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