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Slingo, an exciting game that blends online slots with bingo, was created in 1994. The rights to the format were purchased in 2015 by Gaming Realms, and its Slingo Original series is now packed with over 50 intriguing titles.

One notable example from this collection of online casino games is Slingo XXXtreme, which dates back to May 2017. And it’s that highly volatile release, with an RTP of 95.00%, which takes center stage in this game review.

Game Overview

It’s fair to say that newer Slingo releases tend to feature more novel takes on the classic format. The increasingly creative and diverse themes are what help to keep the Slingo Originals collection fresh and interesting. But earlier titles, like Slingo XXXtreme, look and feel much closer to the original game devised by Sal Falciglia in the 1990s.

If you’re already used to playing Slingo casino games online, you’ll immediately recognize many of the features within this release. And the familiar character in the game’s logo also comes from one of these core gameplay elements – the joker. 

However, this particular Slingo title does at least have a unique design. Below the 5×5 grid of numbers is a sea of bubbling, red-hot molten lava. It’s not certain whether this is supposed to be inside an active volcano or the home of another common Slingo character, the devil. But either way, the setting is certainly “extreme.”

How To Play

Just like all top Slingo games, the basic idea is simple enough. You have a bingo-style card containing numbers arranged in five rows and five columns. A reel spins below this grid, containing five randomly chosen symbols. Most of these will be numbers, though special symbols can also appear.

Set your desired bet size using the “+” and “-” signs in the bottom-left corner. You’ll then have 11 spins in which to try and match the numbers on your card against those that appear on the reels. 

Whenever you successfully cover five numbers in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line, that’s a Slingo. The more Slingos you complete, the higher you’ll ascend the payout ladder, seen to the left of the main grid.


If you only manage to obtain three or fewer Slingos, you won’t see a return and your chosen stake will be lost. However, complete four to get your money back, with returns of up to 1,000x available for a full house. 


Like most online gambling games, there are a number of special symbols to help you achieve your goals. However, in Slingo XXXtreme, not all of them are beneficial:

  • Joker: This character, dressed in red and blue, is an extremely helpful scatter. He enables you to mark off any of the five numbers in the column directly above it.
  • Super Joker: Better still, a second joker scatter, wearing a green outfit, allows you to pick any number on the entire grid.
  • Devil: Beware of the devil as this evil-looking symbol blocks any potential matches.
  • Coins: If the icon containing a stack of coins appears anywhere on the reels, you’ll receive an instant cash prize of 0.1x.
  • Free Spin: Add an extra spin to your initial total of 11 with this useful symbol.


Although the graphics were undoubtedly pretty good at the time of this game’s release, Slingo XXXtreme is starting to show its age. In an era where casino games now feature all kinds of stunningly detailed visuals and animations, the design of this particular release feels a little basic.

That said, the reels are fairly well-animated and there are a few cute little touches here and there. But the splashing of the lava, although dramatic, is reminiscent of video games from well over a decade in the past. In addition, an industrial, electronic soundtrack accompanies your gameplay, adding to the overall tension.


The main reason people love to play Slingo titles, including fun games like Slingo Reel King, is the simplicity of the format. There aren’t many complex rules or gameplay mechanics to understand. Nevertheless, there are still one or two features worth taking note of.

In the base game, the objective is to acquire as many Slingos as possible. The aforementioned special symbols will help you to match numbers as you go, though devils should be avoided.

Collect any three joker symbols in a single spin to earn a cash bonus of 0.1x your bet. In addition, filling all five reels with jokers earns you a 5x scatter bonus.

Unlimited Extra Spins

At the end of the game, you’ll have the option to purchase extra spins. Although each extra play costs a fee, depending on how the grid looks and what prizes remain, it can be worth it. It’s up to you whether or not to gamble and continue playing after a near-miss. 

You can potentially buy an unlimited number of extra spins in order to keep matching numbers and progressing up the pay ladder.

Play Controls

It’s also possible to configure a number of automatic limits that’ll help you to remain in control of your play. These are caps on the number and cost of your additional spins, a maximum spend on a single game, plus a total loss limit. 

Should the game reach any of these self-imposed restrictions, it will automatically end, cashing in any winnings.

Bonuses and Jackpots

The game’s top prize is a generous 1,000x your bet for completing a full house. Collecting 10 Slingos nets you the second-best payout of 100x, with 25x available for three. 

However, there are no jackpots to speak of in this game. Not in the same vein as those found in progressive jackpot slots or other Slingo titles like Slingo Berserk, anyway.

Joker Bonus

As previously mentioned, land any three jokers or super jokers on the reels to earn a scatter bonus. Although it’s not really a jackpot, it does provide an instant cash prize worth 0.5x your stake. 

Additionally, it’s possible to receive a cash prize of 1x for landing any four jokers on the reels. Finally, there’s a mighty 5x for filling the reels with any five joker scatters.

Similar Games

There are plenty of other interesting Slingo titles to be found online. Here are some games with similar features to Slingo XXXtreme that are worth exploring:

  • Slingo Berserk: A Viking-themed Slingo game with a 95.00% RTP. It features a jackpot game, a wild and a free spin icon, but no super joker symbol.
  • Slingo Deadliest Catch: A superior RTP of 95.70% awaits in this game inspired by the popular Discovery Channel documentary.
  • Slingo Sweet Bonanza: Based on one of the most popular Pragmatic Play slots, this highly-volatile game boasts a 96.00% RTP and a delicious bonus game.

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