Casino Game Review: Slingo Reel King (Slingo)

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BetMGM Oct 23, 2023, 3:37 AM

If you’re an online gambling enthusiast who enjoys merging the thrill of slots with the strategic play of Bingo, then Slingo Reel King is the game for you. Whether you’re chasing big wins or just enjoying a leisurely spin, this delightful find is part of a diverse range of online casino games that seamlessly blend excitement, strategy, and ease of play.

Game Overview

Slingo Reel King is an exciting variety game title that highlights classic Slingo gameplay and merges it with elements from the renowned Reel King online slot game. It’s a fantastic title that combines the thrill of bingo with the excitement of slots. If you’re looking for a unique experience playing casino games online, this one is definitely worth a try.

The bingo slots game features the standard 5×5 Slingo grid with a 75-ball range and 12 paylines. It comes in at a rather low volatility but still packs quite a winning punch in the bonuses. It also has a slightly below-average RTP of 95%, which means that, in theory, the game only keeps $5 for every $100 that gets wagered.

How To Play

Playing Slingo online is as straightforward as it comes. In essence, you need to match numbers on the slot reel with those on your bingo-style card. If you’re new to the bingo slots world and don’t quite know how to play Slingo, check out this guide for more game dynamics.

To start, set your desired stake amount, ranging from $0.20–$25 per round, and click the “Spin” button. The reels will spin, revealing numbers that could match the ones on your grid. Each spin gives you the opportunity to mark off numbers on your grid as you aim to make a Slingo. Of course, a Slingo happens when you cross off a line of numbers either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The more Slingos you get, the higher you climb on the Slingo Bonus Ladder, where you can eventually hit a full house.

Each round gets you 11 spins to start with, while the reels hide an extra free spin character, pushing it to 12 if you land it. If you’re on a Slingo streak and run out of spins before a full house, you’ll have the option to buy more spins. If you’re lucky, you’ll unlock the bonus round along the way, promising even larger wins.


There’s something timeless to the classic royal blue backdrop sporting subtle fleur-de-lis insignia, an honorable nod to the iconic Reel King slot game. At the same time, the vibrant red and gold accents draw your attention to all the important moving parts. The developers certainly knew how to make it appealing without getting too crazy. The king character adds a cheeky and entertaining touch to the gameplay, tying it all together. Hats off to the developers for keeping the interface simple yet elegant, unlike many casino games online.


The game offers some exciting features that keep players engaged and entertained. Landing wilds on your reel allows you to mark off any number from that column, while super wilds allow you to mark off a number anywhere on your grid. Multiple Slingos unlock incremental rewards in the Bonus Ladder, and after gaining five or more, each spin gives you a chance to unlock a bonus game. As the game takes inspiration from the classic slot game, this Reel King Bonus is one of the standout features.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Who doesn’t love an online gambling bonus? For Slingo enthusiasts, the Reel King bonus is the equivalent of hitting a gold mine. The bonus can be triggered at random during gameplay. When activated, the king character appears and presents players with a mini-slot game, offering the chance to win even more prizes. Different prizes are awarded depending on what tier of the ladder you’re at when the bonus is triggered. A full house of Slingos on the bonus ladder could get you 500x your stake in these bonus rounds.

Similar Games

If you play Slingo online, you know there are way more variations of the game out there, each with its unique twists. Most of these are actually all Slingo Originals made by the same developer. So you’re guaranteed the same level of quality throughout all of them. An excellent place to start is Slingo Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania, but there are many more hosted with BetMGM.

Some other popular titles in the Slingo series include “Slingo Rainbow Riches,” “Slingo Centurion,” and “Slingo Monopoly.” Each game offers an accompanying theme, captivating gameplay mechanics, and enticing bonus features. Whether you’re a fan of ancient Rome, fantasy worlds, or classic board games, there’s a Slingo game for everyone.

Become the Real King With BetMGM

This blend of slots and bingo captivates the senses and teases the mind, offering a royal flush of excitement, rewards, and delectable gameplay. 

New to Slingo? The Reel King throne awaits, so read the beginner’s guide to Slingo and hurry onward — it’s your turn to reign. Register with BetMGM today for an unbeatable online casino experience.

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