A rendering of a lock above a laptop indicates it is secure and protected.

Security Tips for Mac and PC Users

When playing any type of game over the internet, whether it’s online casino games, role-playing games, or even online board games, it’s important to know that your Mac or PC is secure. We share nine tips to help you ensure your device is secure.

Poker cards and chips on table

The Biggest Laydowns in Poker History

There’s a common misconception that folding in poker is always a bad thing. However, as Kenny Rogers said, “Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em…”

World Famous Las Vegas Nevada Strip Entrance Sign in 80s Vintage Color Grading

Iconic American Gambler

Everyone loves a good gambling story. Add entertainment, risk, and reward to that and you’ve got a tale that will go down in gambling history. In this article, we’ll look at some of America’s most famous gamblers and why they will always be remembered.

Authentication by facial recognition security system concept

Facial Recognition in the Gambling Industry

The casino industry has been revolutionized by technology over the last decade and now they are set to experience another game changing addition. It’s just a matter of time until facial recognition software is used in casinos across the world. In this article we will cover how it is set to be used and what benefits it brings.

14 Lucky Charms for Gambling

Many cultures from all over the world have lucky charms and trinkets that they use to improve their fortune. Whether it’s a four-leaf clover, a Chinese waving cat, or even the teeth of a giant river monster, there’s something lucky for everyone – including gamblers. Find out more.

Film slate with 100 dollar bills on top

Top Casino Movies of All Time

Hollywood’s love affair with casinos and gambling stretches far back into history and will undoubtedly stretch far forward into the future. Read our blog today to find out what casino films we rate highly as part of our list of the best casino films ever.